Residential Glass Repair Services in Greater Vancouver

Glass is a material that needs repairs from time to time. Even large glass structures such as wine enclosures or glass offices will require repairs. Whether it’s a crack in your mirror, a piece of hardware that has failed, or caulking that has gotten old, we are here to help.

At Mesa Glass Co., we have years of experience designing, installing, and repairing glass products. Our team assesses all damage and professionally restores glass products.

Why Does Glass Need to Be Repaired?

Glass products are generally very durable, but there are times when glass structures can become misaligned, cracked, or need replacing. When this happens, glass replacements should be done as quickly as possible.

Below is a short overview of when glass repair services are needed.

Glass Railings 

  • Railings out of alignment
  • Hardware failure
  • Meeting code requirements on old railings 
  • Chips and scratches

Glass Showers

  • Old caulking replacement
  • Hardware failure
  • Hazy fog
  • Chips or cracks

Glass Mirrors

  • Adhesive bleeding through
  • Cracks, chips, or scratches
  • Hazy fog
  • Mirror backing breaking down

Glass Wine Enclosures

  • Gasket or seal replacement
  • Hardware failure
  • Hazy fog
  • Old caulking replacement

When making renovation plans, consider getting your glass repaired or refurbished. Doing so can save you money and time. Mesa Glass Co. can help with this process. We can often take old, damaged, and misaligned glass and restore it to pristine condition.

When managing glass repairs, every situation is different. We provide a consultation where we will assess the full scope of repairs needed and present all options to make your decision that much easier. Contact us today to get started.