Custom Glass Installation and Design Services

Mesa Glass Co. provides custom glass services for commercial and residential properties in the Greater Vancouver region. Our small and dedicated team brings experience, helpful support, and industry connections to every project.

We have extensive experience cutting and designing custom glass products. We currently specialize in the following services.

Glass Railings

Beautiful exterior glass railings are timeless décor pieces that add instant property value. Our team designs and installs custom glass railings for balconies and more. We cut all pieces of glass to exact specifications.

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Interior Glass Railings

Installing interior glass railings requires an experienced touch. Our team has years of experience creating interior glass railings to meet any aesthetic. Our glass specialists work with clients at each stage of the process to ensure exceptional quality.

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Glass Showers

Trendy glass showers are practical, stylish, and highly sought after. We can simplify the designing and installation process. We provide helpful assistance, design ideas, and professional installation to turn a dream shower into a reality.

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Custom Mirrors

Working with Mesa Glass Co. is the best way to create a high-quality and long-lasting custom mirror. Our team helps clients overcome design challenges and installation concerns. We make the process simple and understandable.

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Glass Wine Rooms

Glass wine rooms are the optimal way to store an expansive wine collection. A custom-made glass wine room controls critical settings such as temperature, humidity, and lighting to ensure the conditions within the room are perfect.

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Glass Office Enclosures

Glass office enclosures boost productivity, create a culture of openness, and are aesthetically pleasing. Mesa Glass Co. can install and design a glass office enclosure to meet any specifications. We work closely with property owners to ensure all specifications are met.

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At Mesa Glass Co., our team simplifies glass design and installation. Contact us for a quote or to learn more.