Custom Glass Wine Room Design and Installation in Greater Vancouver

Glass wine rooms are statement décor pieces that also ensure wine is preserved within optimal storage conditions. A glass wine room is a must-have for wine connoisseurs and instantly boosts property value when designed professionally.

Creating a timeless glass wine room is a complex challenge. Lighting, materials, and temperatures must all be controlled. Working with Mesa Glass Co. will help homeowners overcome these issues. We have a wealth of experience installing custom glass wine rooms in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Mesa Glass Wine Enclosure

The Unique Benefits of a Glass Wine Room

A glass wine room can be beneficial for both wine connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers. Glass wine rooms are the best way to store wine bottles for a long period. A glass enclosure effectively controls temperature, humidity, and lighting to maintain optimal wine quality.

Some of the additional benefits of adding a glass wine room include:

  • Glass is a timeless and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Glass provides visual access to the wine collection.
  • Glass wine rooms add a touch of prestige and a “wow” factor to homes.

A glass wine room is the best wine storage option for any homeowner.

Custom Glass Wine Rooms from Mesa Glass Co.

Mesa Glass Co. provides endless ways to create a custom wine enclosure. We can install them with the darkest tint available or with the clearest low iron Starphire glass. Our team will work closely with clients to understand their needs and to set up the glass wine room of their dreams.

At Mesa Glass Co., we love presenting all the details available so that clients can make the best decisions possible. Our products come standard with choices of thresholds, sealing strips, and low-profile barriers to protect your wine collection.

Our mission is to provide exceptional work and high-quality materials at a fair price. To learn more about our glass wine enclosures, contact us.